Fabletics Engineers Reverse Show Rooming Technique to Achieve Exponential Growth

Today, Amazon has the largest share in the fashion e-commerce market. The company controls a 20 percent share alone. It is, therefore, evident that succeeding in the fashion industry on an online platform is no easy job. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics business has stormed the market and grown to a net worth of 250 million dollars in three years. The most basic question would be how did Fabletics do it? Well, the company uses an online platform where customers can subscribe to get their brands on a monthly subscription. Mixing the uniqueness with convenience and membership in the company’s platform ensures you have customers for life.


In the recent past, high-value brands have been defined by the quality and price of their goods. Today, considering the state of the economy, the combination of price and quality no longer gives the competitive edge as in the recent past. To achieve success and guarantee a large customer base, investing in customer satisfaction and experience, exclusive design, and gamification is proving to be among other combination that influences the modern customer.


As of today, Fabletics has over sixteen stores that are open in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California just to mention but a few. With the likes of Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics strategy and positioning have set them to succeed in the fashion membership brand.

When asked the secret to their success, Gregg Thogmartin, the general manager of Fabletics says it’s about building a modern and re-imagined brand. He stated that their membership platform allows the company to offer personalized services to each and every customer. The model has also enabled the company to provide a customized brand to its clients at almost half the price of their competitors. Thogmartin said that it’s easier to achieve customer satisfaction when you have an idea of what their preferences are and what they need.


To achieve, Fabletics have employed three ways. They have adopted and encouraged reverse showrooming. As a result of reverse showrooming, 30-50 percent of the people who walk in their stores are already members and 25 percent subscribe from the stores. By use of online data, Fabletics mostly stocks a larger percentage of the designs preferred by the local members. Moreover, the use of social media sentiment, store heat mapping, and real-time sale contribute to stocking behaviors of the company. The company has focused on accessibility, people and culture to ensure they meet the demands of their customers. Consequently, it has resulted in growth and provided a competitive edge in the market.


The idea behind the company was to satisfy a gap in the active wear marketplace. Extensive research showed that all the Luxury brands didn’t offer quality gear at an accessible price range. With this in mind, the three joined forces to create a brand that has grown exponentially since its inception in 2013.

Transit Gurus’ Mission to Address Traffic Issue in Williamson County

A special summit for discussing challenges that face the transportation sector and people residing in Williamson County was held on December 15, 2016. Previously, summits held in the Austin region concentrated on addressing the challenges that the city itself faces. Various leaders in the transport sector, such as Mike Heiligenstein, the CEO of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Leandre Johns in charge of Texas External Affairs, and ArgoDesign’s founder, Jared Ficklin, graced the event.


For a long time, Jared Ficklin has suggested an aerial gondola system as a solution for traffic issue in Central Texas. The discussion took place at the prestigious Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel.


Heiligenstein’s thoughts


Heiligenstein appreciated the role of new technologies like driverless vehicles and innovative ridesharing apps in radically improving transportation network, but he stressed on the need for Austin area to invest in expanding its transportation capacity by creating smarter roads. According to him, growing transportation capacity is the most efficient tactic for meeting the mobility needs of the rapidly increasing population.


Tips for dealing with future transportation needs


Alan McGraw noted that transportation demands could change in future and inquired from the panelists about the tactics policymakers could use to meet the transportation demands of the future. In response, Ficklin stated that land-use and building codes must remain flexible. That way, it would be easy to amend them to accommodate changes in construction styles. Mike Heiligenstein suggested the enhancement of road and buses capacity as ways of accommodating new technologies such as driverless cars.


Details on Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein leads the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the executive director. The agency was started in 2002 to develop a sophisticated and regional-based network of transport infrastructure for Central Texas. The agency has formulated its current and future projects to address the special mobility demands of the fast-growing Central Texas. Mike is one of the initiators of the Mobile Authority, and he was in charge of the agency’s first project in Williamson County popularly called 183A.


Mike is the current president of the prominent International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Mike Heiligenstein sits on the governing council of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and other committees that handle transportation issues. Before assuming leadership at the Mobile Authority, he represented the Williamson County’s citizens as a public official for more than two decades.

Marc USA Programs Helps Start Up Entrepreneurs With Expert Advice

One of the most respected advertising agencies, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Marc USA announced a new startup program for startup entrepreneurs. The program, Marketing Sparks, encourages business development, with novice entrepreneurs learning from senior marketing experts. The intent of Marketing Sparks is to nurture startup entrepreneurs with strategies and tactics to optimize the probability of success and growth.

According to Michele Fabrizi, CEO and President of Marc USA, “Similar programs in Boston and elsewhere have shown that great marketing and communications provided early in the business lifecycle can improve the odds of attracting the best customers, employees, and investors. “Pittsburgh has such a vibrant start-up community, and we want to do all we can to support their efforts.”

Marc USA brings together startup entrepreneurs and an all-star lineup of renowned business professionals into a consulting and collaborative effort. Local experts knowledgeable in strategic initiatives, creative vision, and traditional and digital media and Marc USA personnel take part in the focused effort.

Fabrizi acknowledges there’s overwhelming support for the program, with PNC Financial Services Group taking part. The success has been overwhelming that the word of the program is capturing the attention many other major firms in Pittsburgh.

Marc USA is an integrated organization that uses cognitive science to discover innovative marketing insight. The insight serves as the foundation for contemporary creative ideas. The founder of Marc USA is a world-renowned entrepreneur, Mark Sparks. Graduating from high school in 1975, Mark Sparks has brought creative visions and success to the 12 startup ventures he’s partnered with.

A man of faith, “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble,” according to Mark.

Everything you need to know about Don Ressler, Fabletics, and JustFab

Don Ressler serves as the current CEO of Fabletics. He has a long experience in e-commerce because he started his career at a very young age. Don is the mastermind of multiple startups that have proved to be highly successful. His first company was Fitnessheaven.com. He built the company and sold it to Intermix Media. He worked at Intermix Media in a new section known as Alena Media. The company performed incredibly well under his leadership until News Corps purchased it. Don Ressler decided to leave Alena Media after feeling that their new managers on Brandettes were ignoring them. He went forth to explore new opportunities.

The amount that Ressler raised after selling FitnessHeaven.com assisted him to start other successful business startups. Don Ressler’s first business venture after Alena Media was Intelligent Beauty. The firm started as an online marketplace that sold cosmetics and skincare products on Crunchbase. The company ran for about two years before venturing into weight loss products. Ressler gained massive experience in advertising throughout this period. He learned how to build an internet brand, market it and make it a success.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been business partners for a long time. The two became entrepreneurs and got into business at a very early age. Goldenberg started his first company at nineteen years old. He sold the company and worked as the Chief Operating Officers. E-commerce business has been highly profited for the two business people. Intelligent Beauty was established in 2006 and led to the opening of other business platforms. Don Ressler’s experience with Intelligent Beauty has seen him gain a big name in the health industry.

Fabletics is just the latest venture by JustFab. Fabletics specializes in selling activewear. The brand has done very well in the fashion marketplace. It now competes with technology giants like Amazon in sportswear and activewear fashion. The kind of clothing sold by Fabletics are customized and highly fashionable. Don Ressler serves as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics and JustFab on LinkedIn.  He believes that every woman should have access to the fashion clothing they want.

The Fabletics brand started as an online business venture. The brand is now expanding into brick and mortar store under Don Ressler’s leadership at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html. He is advancing the company through the vision of Kate Hudson.