Nationwide Title Clearing Breaking New Ground In The Real Estate Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is the preeminent document processing, audit and research provider in the nation. Established in 1991, the private equity firm has since grown to become the preferred service provider for mortgage lending and servicing institutions and investors around the world.


The firm recently relocated its headquarters from California to Palm Harbor, Florida, operating a five-building complex in Pinellas County. It also has offices in five states with more than 500 employees.


National Title Cleaning (NTC) offers a wide range of services, including research assistance, retrieval, and processing of documents. Documentation services such as the release and assignment of liens; auditing of collateral files and remediation services; as well as document assignment and verification, current owner verification, reporting current tax status, and verification of liens.


Its workers are trained well and are able to adequately handle all the document specifications within each of the 3600 districts in the country.


National Title Cleaning is mainly concerned with ensuring none of the players in the real estate industry are affected by any problems caused by any discrepancies in titles. Such discrepancies are caused when an individual or legal body claims a property or asset that belongs to someone else.


Other scenarios in which title defects can occur is through the improper wording of property documents when one fails to go follow the right procedure when filing property documents, or even when encumbrances on the property have not been dealt with. These defects can cause major problems, from delaying the transfer of property or assets from one owner to another to illegal foreclosure.


The firm has recently made some strides in simplifying the process of accessing title reports for property and other assets. They have recently launched an improved website that allows its subscribers to order and even access online any documentation dealing with the transfer of a particular property or asset.


Further, The Tampa Bay Times recognized National Title Cleaning as one of the Top 100 Workplaces in 2016 for the fifth year running. This list is compiled based on the result of an anonymous survey of company employees conducted by top research agency, Workplace Dynamics. John Hillman, NTC’s CEO, credits the company’s innovation, progressive workplace policies, and a strong focus on community service and outreach for this continuous honor.


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Mr. Jason Hope – A Public Figure

Jason Hope
Mr. Jason Hope is a renowned public figure in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was born on the 5th of March 1970 in Liverpool. He grew up in Tempe and pursued a bachelor’s degree in finance at the Arizona State University (ASU).

He later pursued a Masters’ program in business administration at Arizona State University’s W.P, Carey School of Business. He is an actor and was featured in films such as the Brookside and After They Were Famous.

Jason is a creative thinker and uses his passion and understanding in technology. He has been able to predict and advice on the future of technology. This has helped new entrepreneurs looking forward to investing in technology to make decisions and choose the best possible form of technology. His recent concern has been on the Internet of Things, which has seen him trend since 2016.

Also, Hope is an avid giver and has seen through many business ideas sent to him by young entrepreneurs by giving them grants of up to five hundred dollars. Personally, he goes through his website and checks on his emails to handpick the best of the ideas, in which he invests his time and resources. He believes that the future of technology depends on the young and ambitious minds of each and every nation. Besides, Mr. Jason Hope supports a non-profit organization based in California known as SENS. The organization specializes in research on the methods of preventing and curing anti-aging diseases. He supported the research by donating five hundred US dollars to the organization.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. The Strategic Firm

Wealth Solutions, Inc. provides individuals with detailed and custom-made economic planning. The financial planning is offered to several families of wealth, individuals in general, and enterprise owners in the area of Austin.

Other areas that Wealth Solutions offers its services are Houston, Marble Falls, Georgetown, New Braunfels, and Bastrop. Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair. Richard Blair has demonstrated remarkable success throughout his career. He has over 20 years of experience being involved in the industry of finance.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a remarkable firm that strives to find opportunity that brings forth energetic and productive resolutions for an investment.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, Inc. is able to adapt very well with the main goals of the majority of individuals who are coming close to retirement. Majority of individuals at this stage of life steer towards Wealth Solutions, Inc. to help with preserving prosperity, creating revenue that is stable, and/or leaving a legacy for the heirs.

This firm takes great pride in reassuring the best for their clients. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is very skilled at creating a very comprehensive economic plan that helps individuals to feel stable and assured to pursue goals during retirement.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. was established with the goal to create an optimistic and substantial difference for families, individuals, and individuals that own small businesses. Richard Blair has a strong passion for the greatness and capability education can have. He admires that education can shape the confidence and knowledge an individual has within. His passion for teaching and his love for finance steered him towards helping individuals with economic planning and funds.

In 1993 Richard Blair took hold of his dreams and explored the industry of finance. In 1994 Wealth Solutions, Inc. was established by Richard Blair. Throughout his career he has helped his clients be able to reduce the hectic complications of planning retirement and moving forward while in the stage of retirement.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. offers amazing services. The services offered provide growth, management, and protection of assets. Wealth Solutions, Inc. provides resources to help better an individual’s retirement, lifestyle, investment, estate, insurance, and etc. Wealth Solutions, Inc. takes great pride in committed service.

In conclusion, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a determined and experienced individual in the financial industry.

Boise, Idaho, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, Wedding Photography Locations

There are many beautiful places to get wedding photos taken in the Pacific Northwest. The rugged scenery and the wide open spaces lend themselves beautifully to wedding photography. If you are getting married in Boise, Idaho, or in Cheyenne, Wyoming, then you may have a hard time deciding which one is right for you.

Boise, Idaho

Couples who are looking for an unusual place to have their wedding photos taken may want to consider having them done at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. The 30 historical buildings located there make the perfect backdrop. Alternatively, consider having humorous wedding photos taken on Freak Alley. This outside art gallery is one of the largest in the United States.

Cheyenne Wyoming

The High Plains Arboretum is the perfect natural landscape for wedding photos as the huge trees provide immense beauty. The Downtown Cheyenne Historic District offers many unique spots to take wedding pictures. The Union Depot train station built in 1886 provides a unique background.

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Securus Technologies Offers a Wonderful Opportunity of Communicating With Friends, Family, and Relatives, in Spite of One’s Situation

Among those options are visitation, phone calls, and now, a brilliantly designed and innovative program that is being used by select correction facilities, a program referred to as Securus Technologies. It is a program that enables inmates to participate in visitation sessions with their relatives, friends, or significant others via means of video conferencing in which the “visitor” in this case can simply “visit”, although not technically, from the comfort of their very own home.


There are a vast array of reasons why people are choosing to utilize this form of communications over actual visitation in a jail center. Firstly, the visitor is no longer obligated to travel any specific distances to the jail as they can conduct their visitation session over a computer connection. Second, the video conference session that Securus Technologies provides enables people to connect without having to go through the lengthy appointment processes that have often been an issue for many when setting up scheduled appointments, and last (at least in this particular list; there are probably a lot more, but we will not get into it here,) it enables authorities to take advantage of an opportunity in which they may potentially be able to make an arrest if any kind of evidence is revealed. In this case, conversation counts as evidence, thus, giving them the right to utilize any segments of what is being said by either party if needed.


Give the customer service representatives a calls to see how they can help you in beginning this wonderfully designed product that has been made for your ease of use.