The operations of Contemar


Cotemar is a Mexican company that is in the oil and gas industry. The company serves the industry in construction and maintenance of the maritime operations. It also provides services to offshore oil operation employees in terms of accommodation. The company operations are also geared towards providing support of marine operations which include transportation of employees and materials.


The Company operations and expansion

The company, a service company, was founded in 1979 which gives the company 38 years of experience in the delivery of services. By integrating effective process equipment and competitive staff, Cotemar has been evolving to expand its services along the value chain of the industry. Since the beginning of its operations, the company has grown to be the leading service provider in the oil and gas industry. The company has divided its operations into three main strategic divisions, that is food and lodging, construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering and specialized and marine support boats.


Food and Lodging

In this service, Cotemar provides support in terms of, washing, and ironing, cleaning of common areas and bedding services in each room. In the platforms and boats that the company operates, it has a capacity to provide food and accommodation services to more than 4,000 people at the same time. The company provides the highest standards in quality while observing sanitation control. Cotemar guarantees quality service from the reception of food to the personalized service of cleaning and entertainment on board.


Specialized and Marine Support Boats

The company has boats which are installed with systems that help Cotemar provide services that are unique like offshore maintenance. The boats are controlled using GPS which is designed to make the boats remain one position when in operation. There are boats that have refrigerators in them to help in the transportation of food and material. This is to conform and comply with set out regulations.


Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering

This service consists of maintenance and rehabilitation of platforms and processing centers in offshore installations. The provision of this service is supported by the use of semi-submersible platforms that have the ability to move from one complex to another. The operations are controlled by the use of mobile connection equipment for the capture of data in the field. This is supported by high technological systems developed for proper planning and timely delivery.


Through the provision of this service, the company strives to install materials in time and within budget, raise and create value in their processes, contribute to profitability and comply with the environmental regulations.


The Fruits of Your Lip Balm

Have you ever felt like your chapstick is only making your dry lips worse? After reapplying over and over again your lips still feel dry and chapped. This is because many chapsticks contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin which make your lips dry, so you instinctively reapply. The more you use a product the more likely you are to buy a replacement. Thankfully, EOS Lip balms have really changed the game for your everyday moisturizing. Not only are they completely hypoallergenic, but they contain all natural, hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This formula is the perfect mix to ensure smooth and silky lips. Good news here on


EOS lip balms come in a bunch of delicious flavors and finishes. My favorite finish is the basic organic smooth sphere. It leaves your lips hydrated without adding color or shimmer. See for more details. There are seven different delicious fruity flavors to choose from. Each flavor is a specific combination that leaves a delicious taste and smell on your lips. My two favorite flavors are the pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint. The pomegranate raspberry has a light berry flavor that doesn’t taste artificial like most chapsticks do. The sweet mint is just a tad sweet, but is extremely refreshing. The EOS lip balm line is definitely worth trying. Once you try one of their delicious and easy to apply spheres, you will never go back to your standard chapstick.


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EOS Becomes the Company to Wat

The Evolution of Smooth has managed to become one of the most popular companies in recent months to become a giant in the lip balm industry. People have heard of this brand, and they continue to patronize the lip balm company that has stirred up a lot of interest through celebrity talk and social media buzz. More info here.


The Evolution of Smooth has certainly gained the attention of many people that are looking for a chance to try something different. For decades lip balm has been very standardized. There were no great conversations about lip balm because as far as most people were concerned there was no great lip balm. Most of the brands looked identical, and there were only a few factors that separated one lip balm from another, browse around these guys,


The Evolution of Smooth has certainly grown into a massive company where there are millions of units shipped each week. This is all a result of the marketing strategy that has been implemented to take this company to new heights. Consumers are aware that there are a plethora of different choices that they can entertain when it comes to obtaining lip balm. What they may not know is what lip balm is going to fulfill their needs best. In many cases such as this consumers tend to go with what is popular. Right now your EOS is the company that has become popular. By default, many people choose this brand simply because this is the brand that people are talking about at the moment. Check this site for more,


The Evolution of Smooth has become a major force and the ingredients play a large part in this. People are able to see that there are safe ingredients that are contained within this product line. That may be one of the main reasons that this company has elevated.


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Improving Life with Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s Life Line Screening Clinic

The truth of the matter is that most deaths that are occurring today are either as a result of chronic diseases or sudden body organ failure would easily have been prevented were there proper screening mechanism in the first place. This is the realization that most physicians realize in their daily line of world. Dr. Andrew Manganaro too made this realization but he unlike the rest decided to act upon it and at least provide a solution hence the birth of Life Line Screening Company.


Life line screening, as it is told by Dr. Andrew to Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, is the nation’s biggest screening service Company offering Vascular and associated disease screening services in the wider US nation. The company has served at least eight million Americans according to their large database. In order to ensure at the Company is not a mere screening statistics company, Dr. Andrew the founder is responsible and in charge of the whole process ensuring that quality is attained throughout.


According to Dr. Andrew, preventive health is the secret to better care and sustained life in the future. Through Life Line Screening Company, patients are assured of better life and living standards in the years to come. The company has a commitment to ensuring this is so both in terms of quality care and creating awareness. Dr. Andrew notes that they are constantly upgrading their equipment to accommodate better care. Most of the screening equipment are non-invasive and guarantee credible outcomes. After working in career where certain deaths would have been prevented early enough, Life Line Screening to Dr. Andrew is more than just a career, it is life itself and more information click here.


About Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a Brooklyn native with a passion for offering his patients with quality preventative treatment. He is a trained Philosophy and Biology graduate. On top of this, he has an M.D from the great New York University school of Medicine with a number of residency training that makes him qualified for his job and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


Before retiring and resulting to work at Life Line Screening Company, Dr. Andrew Manganaro had spent close to 35 years in the health industry. His specialty includes thoracic, vascular and cardiac surgery and its Website.

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The George Soros of Now and Before

Cumulatively, George Soros has a wealth of over $25 billion that he has made from risky currency trade. The good thing about him is that he shares his wealth with the less fortunate in the society through many initiatives. However, George Soros manages his philanthropic work through the Open Society Foundation. Up to date, it’s estimated that he has spent over $ 12 billion in donations. Some of the initiatives that he funds include social welfare, democratic movements, and even political parties. For instance, he is one of the most recognized donors of the Democratic Party. For instance, during the past presidential elections, he made donations of over $25 million to the Democratic Party. Know more on about George Soros.

All said and done, George Soros is known to care for four things. This includes promoting freedom of expression, encouraging societies that stand for equality and justice and preaching for transparency in the society. George Soros also spends his money on promoting accountable governments that do not oppress their citizens. George is known to stand for the minority groups that face discrimination and marginalization by the mainstream society. This includes the likes of LGBTI people, sex works as well as drug users. Not only does he spend his money on these causes but he has recorded significant success over the years. His distaste for dictatorship dates back to his time as a kid in Hungary. Having grown in an era when the Jews were being persecuted by Nazis, George Soros had to maneuver around to succeed. He managed to sneak to England in 1947 when things became unbearable.

He used to work as a waiter when he moved to London. Later on, he enrolled for a course in London School of Economics and moved to the USA in 1956 to try his luck on the Wall Street. After many years in finance, he established the Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. After acquiring a great deal of wealth, he established the Open Society Foundations and has participated in many projects across 100 nations. He has been influenced by the work of Karl Popper. From these theories, George Soros has managed to develop theories of his own in finance. His earliest involvement with philanthropy dates back to 1979 when he funded students in South Africa to fight apartheid rule. Since then, he has been part of great revolutionaries such as the collapse of the Berlin War, the Collapse of the Society Union and fighting oppression in Eastern and Western Europe.

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Soros is now an old man of 85 years. He is one of the most traveled people in the world. Now that he can’t be active as he was before, he uses paralegals and lawyers to fight these oppressions. While he has not achieved everything he dreamt of, he has surely achieved a lot. Read his profile at Forbes.

Fabletics Ambushes the Renowned Fashion Brand, Amazon

Kate Hudson is causing a buzz in the fashion world by growing Fabletics in three years. Fabletics is competing with Amazon, which controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. The company is gradually succeeding with e-commerce companies such as Warby Parker and Bonobos that are defining themselves with enterprise technology, exclusive product, and data science. Fabletics uses subscription mechanic to sell clothes.


Fabletics does not focus on the price or quality of goods and services rather it is concerned with the customer experience and last-mile services to determine what is high-value to the modern customer. When Fabletics compare themselves to Apple and Warby Parker, their strategy and positioning seem to be paying-off, particularly for the fashion membership brand. Moreover, the company is planning to open other physical stores that will be added up to the sixteen stores in Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


Distinct Features of the Physical Stores of Fabletics


  • Reverse showrooming


The counterparts of Fabletics are being frustrated by showrooming because they allow customers to browse offline and buy their items elsewhere at a cheaper price. Moreover, 30-50 percent of the people who walk into the store are already members while 25 percent gain membership in the store.


  • The Importance of Online Data


Fabletics acknowledges that it is imperative to show the right content of an item in both physical and digital form to avoid destroying the customer’s brand preference. Online local data helps in stocking physical stores with items that appeal to the customers. Moreover, stores are stocked based on real-time sales activity, store heat-mapping data, and social media sentiment.


  • Why Growth is Dependent on Accessibility, Culture, and People


Fabletics’ challenges do not stop the company from growing. However, Fabletics’ evolution and the balance of consumer education, lifestyle, and customer experience seem to be benefiting the company. The company is among the data-aware, nimble, and risk-positive brands who understand the requirements of a new consumer, for instance, innovative membership and smart distribution.


Kate Hudson’s Perception of the Athleisure Retailer


Kate Hudson, who co-founded athleisure retailer of Fabletics, in 2013, views the retail as winning exercise in the fashion market. Since then to-date, Fabletics has grown to $250 million in revenue with sales increasing to 43 percent in 2016. Fabletics succeeded when Kate used her name recognition, the Golden Globe – winning actress, to adopt a Warby Parker e-commerce model and develop an affordable, healthy clothes line that is inspirational to women of all sizes, ability, or age.

Bernardo Chua’s Impact In The Direct Selling Industry

Bernardo Chua is a renowned executive, who is passionate about helping other people. The founder and the chief executive officer of Organo Gold has been using the direct selling business model for decades. Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience that has helped him to enable his company, Organo Gold, to operate as a going concern. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

His skill set include marketing, networking, management, strategy, leadership, business strategy, business planning, and direct sales. Chua was born in the Philippines. He speaks both fluent English and Filipino.

Previously, Chua worked for other direct selling companies where he gained much skills about network marketing. The businessman worked closely with his mentor, Leow Soon Seng. The duo partnered to found Gano Excel Philippines.

This company was a subsidiary of Gano Excel Malaysia, which is owned by Leow. Aiming to impress his mentor, Chua rapidly grew the company and expanded its operations to Hong Kong, USA, and Canada within three years. In 2003, he was appointed to serve as the President of Gano Excel USA. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

By 2008, Bernado Chua’s confidence in his personal and business skills had grown tremendously. He left Gano Excel and ventured out on his own. This move saw him found Organo Gold. Using his aggressive marketing and management skills, the entrepreneur embarked on making the company one of the leading direct selling companies in the world.

Through his visionary leadership, the company has expanded its operations into over 35 countries across all the six continents. According to his approach, Chua creates a subsidiary of Organo Gold in every country that he establishes his business.

For instance, Organo Gold Singapore is one of the newest subsidiaries to be opened in Singapore. Notably, each of these subsidiaries receives their products from the company’s headquarters.

One of them is the Dangal ng Bayard Award for Business and Industry. In addition, his company is highly ranked in the competitive multi-level industry.

In 2013, Direct Selling News Top 100 ranked the company as the 55th largest network marketing company globally.

Avi Weisfogel Single-Handedly Creates New Medical Discipline

Many people regard dentists as being on a lower rung of the medical establishment than people such as trauma surgeons and physicians. However, this is not at all true. Dental school involves rigorous study of the human body and all major organ systems, just as any other medical school would. In reality, dentists are highly trained medical professionals, who are fully capable of treating diseases and are fully versed in the biological underpinnings of the human body and learn more about Avi.

Yet they only tend to concentrate on one very narrow subset of medicine, dentistry. This is not anything surprising or unusual. Almost all medical professionals are highly specialized. The only exceptions tend to be general practitioners and other family physicians, who are more well-versed on a broad spectrum of diseases and conditions.

As one of Central New Jersey’s most successful dentists, this fact had long bothered Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He built his practice, Old Bridge Dental, up from being a small start up with just one patient to being one of the most successful practices in the state of New Jersey. But he also knew that dentists could be doing far more to help fight disease and improve the general public health. He set out to change the way in which dentistry is practiced, enabling dentists to provide far greater value to their patients and to fight disease in some of the same ways that family physicians do and contact him.

It occurred to Dr. Weisfogel that, if he were able to start a seminar program that taught dentists how to recognize and treat some of the most underdiagnosed illnesses in the country, that he would be able to dramatically affect the rates of diagnosis and survivability of some of those diseases. He began a period of intense research, attempting to discover which diseases had the lowest rates of diagnosis and were the most dangerous to the patient, once contracted.

Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in order to train dentists how to treat sleep apnea. Today, dentists across the country are certified in the treatment and diagnosis of this insidious disease.