Credentials Of Samuel Strauch

Many people are realizing the expertise that Samuel Strauch can bring to the table. He is a real estate expert and a leader in several important ways. Samuel Strauch is a principle of Metrik Real Estate, which is a respected company in its own right.

Expect his influence to expand over the course of the next few years. He has expertise when it comes to real estate in the Miami area. His firm can buy, sell or lease real estate in Miami. The city has grown to exponential proportions over time.

Samuel Strauch completed his undergraduate degree while at Hofstra University in New York. His major was in business and he enjoyed a diverse education while at the school. He continued his education at Harvard University and received distinction over time. That has prepared him for some of the challenges of the real estate market. Samuel Strauch is also a former banker with some extensive financial experience for himself. That gives him close ties with those in the financial industry. He knows a lot about both the real estate market and the financial influence that it holds.

Samuel Strauch has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida for 14 years. He has been working in South Florida to accomplish his own goals. The real estate agent has an extensive network of clients who are his own partners. Samuel Strauch expects to be a success in the future as well. That has helped him lead the way in a number of ways.

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Bruno Fagali Gives His Clients a Premier Experience

Since Bruno Fagali is an expert attorney, he knows there are things he can do to make sure he is helping his clients. He has always wanted to show them they can have a good experience and they can get things that will help make them better than what they were in the past. Because of everything Bruno Fagali has done, he knows there will be different ways he can give the community what they are looking for.

In fact, he knew there would be things that would help him make sure he was showing others what they could get in different situations. It all went back to Bruno Fagali and the way he was able to work hard. He knew he could do his best if he was showing people the attention they deserved while they were using him as their attorney. He wanted to make their time and money worth it to them.


For Bruno Fagali, this was a big part of helping others. He had always known there would be things he could do to help people with the issues they were facing. Times when people needed an attorney were often difficult and hard for them to deal with. A graduate of Sao Paolo University, Bruno Fagali knew this, but he also knew he could be the person who would give them what they needed if they were hoping for someone who could assist them in different situations. He knew it would be a way to give people the hope they needed in a difficult time no matter what issues they were facing.

The clients who have done everything they can to make things better for themselves know that an attorney is sometimes the only thing they can do. Bruno Fagali wants to make sure they have these opportunities and are using them to their advantage while they have been able to try their best. It gives them the ability to feel like they have someone standing behind them in different ways and in different types of cases they have to deal with. For them, this means they will always have someone in their corner.

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Bob Reina’s Impressive Work at Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video email marketing and conferencing company dedicated to changing lives. Reina received his education from the University of South Florida where he shuffled through various different jobs and made a living. In addition, he graduated as number one in his policy academy class – a feat which highlights his dedication. Although Bob Reina was a police officer for a short time, business, more specifically, marketing took his interests; he was really passionate about selling and connecting with people. Consequently, his passion led to a lower pay than his peers and often struggles with his families and friends. However, his work as a CEO for Talk Fusion is nothing shy of extraordinary.


In fact, Talk Fusion recently introduced an enhanced form of Live Meetings, a software that relays online communication. Its new features offer easy to use interface and use the prevalent WebRTC system. Moreover, Bob Reina announced that the software’s possibilities are endless. Businesses around the world can hold meetings in an easy one-way and hold video conferences, allowing guests and colleagues to connect from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. In particular, the software employs a feature that does not require an external download, which can sometimes slow down the video conferences.


With innovative technologies such as Live Meetings, Talk Fusion continually gains momentum its industry. Reina added the feature’s use of WebRTC makes it unlike any other in the market. In addition, he spoke about the company’s continual progress towards making Talk Fusion unique amongst any of its competitors. Reina’s efforts have really shown.


Today, many of Bob Reina’s friends describe him as having extreme dedication and ethics in the working place, where he also happened to bring his dog. This compassion for animals led to his involvement in various non-profit organizations to assist animals. Bob Reina once said in a conference: “In order to be successful, it takes commitment over a period of years, and I mean a lot of them.” These commitments undoubtedly describe Bob Reina’s career to help and care for other people and even other species, like his dog. Learn more: