Whitney Wolfe Takes a Strong Stand to Expand to Business Networking

     Whitney Wolfe is making some major moves with Bumble. The Texas native that chose to open the headquarters for Bumble in Austin, Texas has become to standout out in every way.

There are no other women in the field of technology dating apps so this makes Whitney Wolfe stand out. She is also someone that is still under the age of 30 when it comes to the dating app game, and the large majority of her adversaries are much older than this.

She even stands out when it comes to the location for her business. While all the other tech entrepreneurs were pleaing for a spot in Silicon Valley or New York City, Whitney Wolfe was taking her business to the city of Austin. She has another business office that is outside of the United States, but choosing a southern region for the headquarters was a bold move for Whitney Wolfe. What it would prove was that she was a catalyst for change. She was the female Lone Ranger that wasn’t afraid to stand out.

This is even more obvious when one takes a look at the way that she has promoted the Bumble app. In the early stages she called the dating app a feminist app. Now she is expanding with Bumble Bizz and she is rooting for women in the business world to form network circles and create better business environment. Men are also allowed to use the app, but in most of her interviews she talked heavily about how women are able to utilize Bumble Bizz for greater business opportunities.

Whitney Wolfe has managed to stand out in all of these ways, and this has allowed her to gain a powerful platform. If she was just like everyone else the Bumble app would have been dubbed another dating app. She would have had a harder time expanding, but Whitney Wolfe has always had a desire to have multiple business ventures.

Even when she was a college student she would float from one business idea to another. This has not changed with Bumble. In the grand scheme of things it is the dating app portion of this app that has brought most of the users to Bumble. It does not, however, have to be the only thing that people use when signing up for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe also wants people to be able to network amongst one another.

Can’t wait to share a stage with the incredible @gayleking at @sxsw in two short weeks 🤗

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Securus Technologies Announced Revolutionary Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies has pioneered the latest and greatest technology to combat the increasing potential for harm caused by cell phones being brought into prisons illegally. The technology is called the Wireless Containment Solution and it is a revolutionary technology being installed in prisons all throughout North America. Securus Technologies is the first to offer this full suite of technology to combat cell phone crime under one solution.


The Wireless Containment Solution is truly a multipurpose technology. First and foremost, cell phones are being brought in through dozens of channels. These can vary from something as simple as a visitor smuggling it in, to a crooked corrections officer sneaking in cell phones to prisoners. There have even been notable instances of cell phones being flown in by using drones and dropped into prison yards while inmates are outside. These types of drone droppings can happen in a matter of seconds. With limited prison security, it is often impossible to gain access to the cell phone before a drove of inmates create a riot over the cell phone. There are also instances of coordinated drone smuggling that involve things like multi-person operations to distract prison guards.


The main need for blocking cell phone access comes from cases like Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson worked as a corrections officer at a correctional institute near his hometown. One morning, his door was beaten down early in the day as he was getting ready for the workday. He ran into the bathroom so his wife would remain unharmed in their bedroom, as he immediately knew that it was not a burglary, but a hit ordered on his life.


While working at the correctional institution, one of Robert Johnson’s main tasks was to find and confiscate contraband materials such as drugs, alcohol and cell phones. It is hard to believe that the latter of the three is causing more damage than the first two threats. The story ends with Mr. Johnson being shot six times. While amazingly he lived through the shooting, he has had to undergo nearly consistent surgeries in order just to stay alive.


All of this could have been prevented if the Wireless Containment Solution by Securus Technologies would have been in place several years ago. The technology has the ability to locate any cell phone brought into a correctional facility illegally. The Wireless Containment Solution also has the ability to block any unauthorized cell phone from being able to connect to a wireless network, make a call or even send a text message. However, it also allows approved cell phone numbers to do all three of those things. This revolutionary technology will soon be in prisons and correctional institutes all throughout North America.

Rocketship Education-Building Excellence One Child At A Time

Every parent who dreams big for their child wants to make sure they get the best educational opportunities they can afford. Unfortunately, there are many people today who cannot afford to send their child to the kind of private school they would hope to afford for their child. While it is generally considered that only private schools can offer the best education for a child, there is a new and emerging type of education that allows people even with lower incomes the opportunity to give their child the best education. This highly advanced and personalized education is accomplished through highly successful Charter Schools.

Charter School education affords parents a unique opportunity to get quality education for their child without the costly expenses of a private school. Most Charter Schools today offer students more one on one attention, smaller classroom sizes and better skill building techniques. However, even in the world of Charter School Education there are schools that rise above the standards to reach a higher level of excellence. That is the case with Rocketship Education.

Founded in 2006 in California, Rocketship Education now serves nearly 7,000 students in California, Nashville and the D.C. areas with a goal of expanding its platform. They have been highly successful at reaching children in low income areas and bringing them a more personalized education that has allowed them to excel.

The core of the mission of Rocketship, is to help children believe in their abilities and help them to grow through a set of innovative principles. These principles focus on building each child’s individual learning skills. The school’s success has been brought about by helping each child achieve through skill building. The schools also encourage strong parental participation as a mainstay of their school ideology of success.

The success of Rocketship’s Education is evident as their students have tested as being some of the highest performers among their peers in each area they operate. Since their focus has been on children that are living at or below the poverty line, these results are quite impressive. Students at Rocketship also have had expanded exposure to online learning platforms that they have excelled in. This too will go a long way in preparing them for their future.

A Professional Who Stands Behind Her Expert Services, Dr. Jennifer Walden Delivers Beauty Daily

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly respected member of the medical community. She cultivated her prowess and reputation among her East Coast clientele, where she maintained her practice as a cosmetic and plastic surgeon. After spending enough time in New York City, she returned to her native Texas.

Texas sorely needed the expertise of Dr. Walden’s cosmetic surgery background. Being a certified female plastic surgeon in Texas, Dr. Walden stands out among competitors as a top tier professional in her field. As a female, Dr. Walden has undergone some of the same procedures she executes regularly, so she can be trusted as a dedicated professional who truly stands behind her work.

Dr. Walden is phenomenal at executing breast augmentations, face lifts, tummy tucks, and more. Additionally, clients can enjoy undergoing more noninvasive procedures. Dr. Walden can render services such as removal of unwanted hair and wrinkles via laser treatment, or skin peels to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.

For almost two decades, Dr. Walden has been actively practicing plastic surgery. She offers her clients a myriad of services to transform their outer appearance, and give them a sense of wholeness inside. She earned her degree in medicine from the University of Texas.

Dr. Walden spent time in New York City as an Attending Surgeon in Plastic Surgery, while at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She also the Clinical Instructor for Plastic Surgery, while at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. Dr. Walden was formally fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery, and is an advocate for women’s health and autonomy.

As a seasoned female professional, Dr. Walden not only provides a Manhattan-based aesthetic for her Texas-based clients, but offers a personalized touch to her patients. Dr. Walden is quite enthusiastic about her practice. She regularly dispenses her knowledge on mommy makeovers, advances in plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, and noninvasive procedures. She values her client’s well-being, and promotes client awareness of the full extent of a procedure’s process and risks. Dr. Walden comfortably explains and answers any questions given to her, with the attention and focus so many female clients seek in earnest.