Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Company To Secure A Minority Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm, has announced the completion of a minority recapitalization for its client, ARES Security Corporation. The Vienna-based company provides risk management services through comprehensive end-to-end security software. Madison Street Capital acted as a financial advisor for ARES. Madison’s senior managing director, Reginald McGaugh, provided proper leadership throughout the transaction process. Madison Street Capital settled for Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the appropriate financing partner for the deal. Corbel has a flexible capital solution and network of experts in the industry. ARES looks forward to enhancing its product and service offing. This way, the company will realize high profitability margins and be able to provide shareholders with higher dividends.

Reginald said that he was honored to work with ARES’ president, Ben Eazzetta. He added that ARES Security is a distinguished company that seeks to protect the most critical assets in the world. The executive applauded the company’s superior management team that inspired them to deliver excellent results. Eazzetta acknowledged Madison Street Capital’s team for their professionalism and hard work to ensure that ARES benefits from the services of the financing partner. He asserted that he was satisfied with the team’s expertise in due diligence, valuation analysis and devising innovative capital raising strategies. Corbel Capital Partners is a renowned equity fund that makes non-control investments in lower middle-market firms. The company has an asset base of $95 million. The corporation invests in different securities that guarantee high returns at lower risks. This information was originally mentioned on Benzinga as reported in the following link

About Madison Street Capital

The virtues of excellence, integrity, leadership and service have played an integral role in enhancing Madison Street Capital reputation. Their mission is to deliver world-class corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition, valuation services and financial opinions to both public and private companies. In addition, the company has recruited the services of experienced and qualified professionals who seek to develop innovative solutions and arrange appropriate financing and capitalization structure that meets the specific needs of individual clients.

Madison Street Capital has been in business for decades. This way, they have gained adequate experience and knowledge that has enabled them to maintain their leadership status in the competitive investment industry. The investment-banking firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The management of the company saw the need to open offices in North America, Asia and Africa given the increased demand for their services. The premier corporation believes in building strong communities across the United States. To this end, they have worked closely with different organizations such as United Way to support various charitable initiatives.




Tony Petrello Committed To Research

Prior to coming to Nabors Industries, a large oil and gas-drilling contractor based in Hamilton, Bermuda, Anthony Petrello was a managing partner at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie.

In 1991, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Nabors Industries, and he’s currently the CEO of the company. Mr. Petrello is also a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Even though Tony Petrello has his hands full with his business obligations, he’s also dedicated to being involved with the research needed to help his daughter, Carena. She was born prematurely at 24 weeks and weighed a little more than a pound at birth. When she was an infant, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a neurological disease that was caused by a lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain, a common occurrence in premature babies. That resulted in several developmental delay issues for Carena. The good news is that she’s making progress all the time, and she’s now able to chew solid food. Tony and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, are committed to helping to fund the translational research that will help Carena and children like her to be able to reach their full potential.

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Troy McQuagge Wins the One Planet Awards 2016

Troy McQuagge is a renowned and experienced entrepreneur and a corporate executive in the health insurance industry. He has an excellent performance record of building two of the largest captive health insurance agencies. Troy McQuagge is an expert in Executive leadership, product design, business development, and strategic planning. He has applied these methods to emerge the best CEO in the world in 2016. Troy is the current CEO and president of USHEALTH Group based in Ft. Worth, Texas since June 2014. Before joining the Group, USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency was in a devastating state. Troy started by rebuilding it, and the success was immensely leading to his promotion in 2014.

Troy McQuagge came to the limelight in 2016 when he won a prestigious award. Due to his business and professional excellence in the industry, he was recognized by One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards recognizes the companies and managers who have performed well in the market. USHEALTH was nominated in the competition due to its high profitability, success, and growth. Troy was branded ‘The CEO of the Year’ and at the same time received Gold Award. Troy dedicated the award to the success of the whole team in the company due to its ongoing commitment to solving healthcare affordability problem and learn more about Troy.

USHEALTH provides innovative health coverage for self- employed individuals and small business owners catering to their healthcare needs. The company has highly trained and talented employees and agents who market competitive and profitable insurance products. Their customer services are excellent in every aspect of company’s operation. The high competition in the individual health insurance market is rising, but USHEALTH has maintained to be the leading firm in the world. Since Troy became the president and CEO of the company, its sales volume has grown immensely and more information click here.

Norman Pattiz Informs The Public About The Outcomes Of Brand Lift Studies

Norman Pattiz is a man who is known to be the person who revolutionized the radio in America. The founder of Westwood one, Norman is the pioneer of some of the biggest radio shows and events. When the radio was in it’s prime, Norman hosted some of the most significant sporting events on his channels – right from the NFL to the Superbowl.

However, with the dawn of the internet, the radio is slowly losing its popularity and becoming something that is more targeted to the niche audience. Norman wanted to revive the radio in a new way that would appeal to internet users, and which would keep up with the times.

He then came up with the idea of opening up his podcast channel. The idea was one that came to him while he was trying to find viable ways to make a medium for audio, just like the radio, but with a modern touch.

To bring this plan to life, Norman Pattiz started up PodcastOne, a network of podcasts to give listeners a diverse range of podcast channels to choose from. He also paired up with Hollywood celebrities to diversify the shows that the podcast offers its listeners.

But even though the Podcasts were the new radio to the listeners, Norman Pattiz still felt like it wasn’t meeting the needs and expectations that he had for the modern radio. He tried his best to make his network more and more like the radio in some ways.

One thing that sets apart podcasts today and the radio is the availability of advertising space. Podcasts today don’t allow advertisers to use their audio as a means to sell their products, thus making it seem like the podcast market isn’t a viable mass media medium.

Norman Pattiz, therefore, decided to rope in a few advertisers to sell their products on the podcasts and reach more audiences. This also helped the company to generate advertising revenue, just like radio companies did, back in the day.

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz is all for studying his customer base, to give them exactly what they would want. Just earlier this year, Norman paired up with Edison Research, to do an in-depth analysis of their customer base and to figure out all the various trends that their listeners were following.

The research was also conducted with a view of understanding the different market segments and whether or not the advertisements that were being carried out on PodcastOne were effective or not.

New Website Adds More Value To The Services Of US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve, the largest precious metal distributor in the world, has introduced a new website with highly useful features and great customization. The newly designed website is capable of addressing various issues the firm faced for some time. The website is a fully responsive tool now, and it can generate great quality content across different platforms, enables the company to interact with clients better, and offers a collection of precious metals to the customers using the secure online retail platform of the website. Additionally, there are options to educate the new customers the aspects of precious metals and help them to purchase it,



Per the firm, its new site is reflecting its status as being the leader in the precious metal industry, and the features would reflect its commitment to world-class customer service experience and commitment to the core values of the firm. The new features also include striking images of precious coins and Philip N. Diehl, the current President of the firm and former U.S. Mint Director. The online shop additionally gives pricing of the precious metals of different class and size. Also, the real-time price of precious metals and its price reflection can be noted on the website. An easy to use and trusted buying option is another main benefit of the new site design.



U.S. Money Reserve also offers PCGS Certified metals and coins for regular buyers. The new site has an option to sign up for free gold newsletter and customers can also make use of Knowledge Center to know further about grading, minting, and purchasing the metals. Additionally, the site has a newsroom to provide the latest trends and updates in the precious metal industry. Through its Client-Connect Advantage, the firm interacts with customers on one-on-one consultations and help them with purchasing assistance and secure offline transactions. The firm also offers guaranteed 30 days return policy, and this means, buyers can return the product within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund according to the price at the time of return.



Since it founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has grown exponentially and started distributing coins issued by foreign governments as well along with U.S. government products. The firm has more than 500,000 satisfied customers until the date, and it has a number of fast and secure delivery channels to ensure quick and safe delivery to the customers. Recently, the firm introduced a new retirement investment plan based on precious metals called Gold Standard IRA.


Dick DeVos: A successful businessman through extraordinary giving

The DeVos family, led by Dick and Betsy, are a wonderful example of what can happen when people put their time and money where their beliefs are. The DeVos family recently released their giving numbers as Betsy was going through the confirmation process to be named the U.S. Education Secretary. The grand total for lifetime giving was $139 million for charitable causes. That amount far outweighs what they have given to political campaigns over the years, even though the family does make sizeable donations to political campaigns that all fall within giving guidelines.


The DeVos family has not been shy about their belief that the public education in America is not empowering young people to live the American dream. Public schools are plagued with problems and parents have little to no choice as to the school that their children attend. To help in this cause Dick and Nancy firmly support charter schools and school vouchers. That way parents and students alike can have more control over going to a school that will best suit their needs. This is working to give every child the opportunity to get a high quality education. However, this has drawn criticism that the DeVos family disapproves of the people running the public school systems. But in reality they are just seeking to draw attention to the failings of the one-sized fits all mentality of the public school system, not criticizing their employees.


Dick DeVos went to work right out of college at the Amway Corporation in 1974. During the next 10 years he rose up through the ranks to become vice president where he oversaw operations in 18 countries. During that time he held multiple roles of increasing responsibility. In 1991 his family acquired the Orlando Magic team and Dick left Amway to become president and CEO for the next three years. However, Dick returned to Amway in 1993 to assume his father’s role as president of the company. During his tenure as president he expanded operations to 50 countries and six continents.


In the year 2000 Dick DeVos oversaw a restructuring of Amway into Alticor. This saw the combination of Amway and several subsidiaries into one company. As a result of the mergers it led to many job cuts through buyouts and early retirements. This was a necessary step to bring the company back into profitability. When Dick left Alticor in 2002 the company had reached $4.5 billion in sales. His next role was the Windquest Group’s president. Windquest Group is a privately held investment management company that has holdings in manufacturing, technology, and other sectors. There is no doubt that Dick DeVos has had an impressive career that has been supplemented by his generosity to charitable causes.



Mrs. Betsy DeVos Succeeds at Championing for Education Reform

Our currently education system in America is broken. Children are ushered into schools that oftentimes lack positive results, and parents are left helpless to choose for them. If a child is placed in a school system that is harmful to their education, what good could possibly come from this? Fortunately, we have individuals such as Betsy DeVos who champions against this system that is beyond repair. She is an individual I believe that can make a difference, and her philanthropy work has proven that she is more than capable of helping those in need.

Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to working tirelessly to help the youth that are underprivileged. She has spent 35 years working in politics, most notably being elected chairman in the Republican National Committee from 1992-1998. Betsy has worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation purely focuses on giving back to the most sacred of American values: the family, and most importantly the youth. This foundation focuses on instilling leadership in the youth, positively impacting the community, assisting with education, teaching the youth about justice and promoting the arts. The foundation has been wildly successful since inception, and hallmarks Mrs. DeVos Philanthropic career. Read more about their foundation at

Mrs. DeVos diverse background doesn’t stop there. Her drive to success is astounding, and she utilized her entrepreneurial skills, alongside Mr. DeVos, to create the Windquest Group. This organization invests in companies that create services, provide solutions and various products that positively impact the world. With a diverse background and a will to succeed, Betsy DeVos is not one to quit before achieving their goals. Her organizations have created a multitude of opportunities for the youth, and she continues to champion for them and ensures that their voices are heard.

Philanthropy can be considered one of the most rewarding types of work. Giving oneself to ensure that others can receive benefit is an astounding ordeal, and I believe Mrs. Betsy DeVos has done a phenomenal job throughout her career. Her work history, as well as her personal resolve, is second to none. Dedicating one’s life to creating positive changes for individuals who cannot is the highest aspiration in this life, and I admire her for her selfless passion to help others. With one step at a time, I believe the education system can be fixed here in America. I have no doubt of this, knowing that Betsy DeVos is the one leading the charge for a better tomorrow here at home.

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Voting Rights Are Key to the Work of George Soros

George Soros has always understood the problems facing the people of the world when they are facing oppression and the issue of a loss of basic human rights because of his own difficult childhood spent in his home nation of Hungary. Throughout the 21st century, George Soros has made sure he has made sure to provide a range of backing for groups dedicated to protecting the voting rights of people across the planet, which includes the U.S. where a number of Super PAC’s and support groups have sought to protect the rights of minority groups, such as African American communities and Latino’s who are often targeted by restrictive voting laws across the U.S., according to Politico.

Voting rights remain important to George Soros as he has lived under the threat of the most severe punishments for nothing more that the religion of the Soros family. During World War II the Soros family were forced into hiding as an invading Nazi force occupied the country and murdered some 500,000 members of the Jewish community; the Soros family were Jewish, but remained hidden as George’s father had obtained forged papers showing his family to be Christian’s and sent George to live with a nearby Christian family. The loss of his own human rights and the subsequent arrival of Communism in the years following World War II led to George Soros himself embarking on a refugee journey of his own that would take him across Europe to London where he paid for his own studies as a waiter and porter. Throughout his life George Soros has fought to assist people in Eastern Europe and made sure refugees and displaced people have their own rights protected; Soros recently missed the 2016 Democratic National Convention that would have been his first as an attendee to stay up to date on the latest developments in the European refugee crisis. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Voting rights are part of the most important areas George Soros has been working on in the recent years, particularly as he feels the under representation of minority groups in many areas of local, state, and national government agencies is having a detrimental effect on the lives of millions of U.S. citizens. During the 2016 election cycle George Soros returned to political giving in a major way and placed the voting rights of millions of U.S. citizens from minority groups at the heart of his own political agenda; around $5 million was pledged by Soros to the Immigrant Voters Win group that has dedicated itself to pushing forward the rights of Hispanic voters across the nation. One of the most important aspects of the work of George Soros has been his bid to protect the rights of voters who are being threatened by what he and his supporters see as a dedicated push by Republican’s to lower the Hispanic and African American vote.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny – Working towards the Development of Cancer Treatments

The worldwide cancer deaths are increasing every year and cancer is the leading cause of death for about 13% of the total deaths in the whole world. Even though an enormous amount of investment is being made in cancer research, the improvement in the drugs and treatment process is slow. The factors for this are many, and this is why new researches have come to the limelight that helps in the prevention of cancer altogether and also finding the best cure for it. There is also a growing need of oncologists to participate in ongoing cancer trials to find a cure for cancer that will offer relief to the patients. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

Mikhail has been in the medical industry for quite a long time and has developed a number of researches on cancer treatments. One of his most recognized work is the use of enzymes and drugs to cure cancer. The most popular and successful research was on the protein Rapamycin to treat cancer and prevent aging. He has also conducted studies on different cancer and cancer therapies to find out the most effective therapy to cure different types of cancer. He has contributed immensely to the field of oncology with his dedication and passion for helping patients with cancer. He aims for the world that is disease-free and works hard every day of his life to convert his vision into reality.

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It was Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York that identified his dedication and hard work and offered him to be a professor at their institute. Before this, he has worked at the New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY and Ordway Research Institute, Albany, New York in different positions. He has earned his M.D. and Ph.D. from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg and passed the top of his class.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is also on the editorial team of some of the top oncology and cancer research journals. He has written and edited more than 270 articles in these journals over the years. Apart from that, his publications have been cited in different researches by scientists worldwide more than 25,000 times. Follow Mikhail on Loop

How EOS Marketed Themselves for Growth

EOS started just a decade ago and emerged as one of the largest players in the lip balm market. How they were able to grow their business and reputation in such a short period is a viable case study in the impact that listening to your customer base can play.

When EOS lip balm first entered the market they saw that the industry was underserved by the brands operating in the industry. Customers were not having their desires and needs met. Customers increasingly were looking for higher quality lip balms that were not artificial in flavor or composition and the major brands out there all sourced their lip balms from petroleum jelly, which is a leftover by-product of the oil refinement process. While petroleum jelly protected lips from the elements and provided relief, this relief was short-term in duration and needed to be applied constantly to be effective.

EOS started to design a lip balm that contained higher quality bases that provided longer lasting relief. Since the ingredients that they used were all-natural and organic, they didn’t have the artificial taste that the competition lip balms had and provided for a smoother application. EOS also marketed themselves on Walmart and Target with unique flavors that didn’t exist in the market and were actually pleasurable to apply. This has led to an increase in the varieties that they have to manufacture, but increases the options and variety to consumers who are able to experiment with new flavors.

EOS has also created these unique orbs that allow for a more sanitary application of the lip balm than the jars that some brands use, but their containers were not the applicator tubes that were easy to lose in a pocketbook. Instead, EOS used these unique orbs that were striking and iconic, and color coded for each flavor offering.

This combination led to EOS developing a rabid following of customers that helped them to expand their business into a hotly contested industry.

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