ClassDojo Teams Up With Dr. Michele Borbo To Promote Empathy

ClassDojo is a Bay Area company that provides a mobile app for use in school classrooms. The app is used to develop a connection between teachers, their students, and the student’s parents. Teachers build an online community and then invite the students and the parents to join it. By doing so teachers and parents are better able to stay in contact throughout the course of the school year. Students are also empowered because they can easily share their work with their teachers and parents through the ClassDojo app.

ClassDojo has teamed up with Dr. Michele Borba, a child development expert. Together they have created the ClassDojo Summer Kindness Series. This series has been designed to help children learn kindness habits throughout the course of the summer. It launched for the 2018 summer break and will reach millions of ClassDojo users. New ideas and activities will be released on a weekly basis from mid-June until August 16th.

It has been shown that one small act of kindness will often pay itself forward with others continuing the string of small kindness acts. Children will be given examples of these small acts of kindness through fun and free activities on the ClassDojo app. The research this is based on was developed by Dr. Michele Borba and each week’s activity will build on the one that was released the week prior to it.

One in eight households in the United States that has a child under the age of 14 already uses ClassDojo. For those that aren’t already using this app they can go to ClassDojo Summer Kindness Series to join in free of charge. People can also follow this series on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #SummerKindnessSeries.

Empathy lies at the heart of kindness. Kindness is needed to build positive and supportive communities. Research performed by the World Economic Forum shows that empathy and emotional intelligence will be critical skills to have for those in the 2020 job market. However, empathy has been declining over the past three decades. Dr. Michele Borba has called it an empathy crisis and she and the ClassDojo team aim to reverse it.

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