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Daniel Taub Works with Communities for Lasting Peace and Prosperity

Ambassador Daniel Taub has dedicated his life to helping communities live in harmony. He is a professional with longstanding experience that has exposed him to a range of scenarios that breed conflict.

He has not only contributed his knowledge and skills as an expert in official circles but continues to raise awareness in his immediate communities about the need for diplomacy and common ground. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

To the latter end, Ambassador Daniel Taub has written a series of articles addressing the subject of peace. He has written articles that have been published in mainstream newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph, the Times Magazine, The Guardian among others. Daniel Taub has also written books in the realms of drama.

HeChatzer is one of his publications. H says it is a mix between the Chosen and Downton Abbey. The main theme tries to address how the tensions that exist between her religious Jews and the secular Jewish society can be thawed.

Daniel Taub in Israeli Diplomacy

Daniel Taub has been interviewed many times because of his active involvement in the issues in the Middle East, especially around the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts.

Daniel Taub explains that he is a trained lawyer with specialization in international law and the theory of negotiation he says he was working as an intellectual property rights lawyer when there was a chance t participate in the Vienna peace Convention that sought to find a solution to the Israeli conflict.

He explains that since he already had experience and training in the area, and that it was a matter that was close to his heart, he took a sabbatical from his work and took up work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

Daniel Taub says that he did not know that his joining the Ministry would change his career path. He says that what he thought would be just an off for a couple of weeks changed into 20 years working in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Challenges and Responsibilities of a Diplomat

Ambassador Daniel says that as a diplomat he has six key issues that occupy his time.

He says that technical cooperation, political dialogue, sharing security and intelligence information, attending to the Jewish community and dealing with the media and the general public on diplomatic issues are central to his day’s activities. He notes that one has to learn has to balance the scales around all these engagements. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub| Behance

In business, for example, Daniel Taub says that he and his team experienced support and fun trying to identify entrepreneurs and the Israeli tech teams. He says he even organized competitions to add spice t the serious mission of building a business.