Jeffry Schneider Legacy 


Born in Manhattan, Jeffry Schneider is a veteran businessman and is considered as a larger than life character. Jeffry Schneider is a man with a special liking for business and entrepreneurship. These have been the tools of his trade since his graduation at the University of Massachusetts.

Today, Jeffry’s counsel is well-regarded where he is helping found and establish several companies and businesses. This experience has spanned more than two decades, and within this time, Schneider has served several organizations and created a reputation and a brand that is the choice of many.

Immediately after his student days, Jeffry Schneider worked diligently where he exceeded the expectations of his superiors and earned a promotion in rank. It is during this early period that Schneider decided to invest in himself and start his ventures.
Schneider was always excellent in people-to-people skills, and this helped him
establish ideal rapports with the clients he served.

In business as in social life, Jeffry Schneider is an outstanding man.

Schneider is widely traveled and has visited every other continent globally. However,
according to Schneider, there is nowhere he would rather be than rural Thailand
and the countryside of Hungary. These two ranks as his best destinations and he
advises that everyone with the time should pay these places a visit.