The OSI Food Solutions Continues to Set an Example

The world is in a state of ever-expanding change. Every industry is redefining its goal and assessing its values. For the past few decades, every sector has only focused on monetary gain. These days, consumers care about more than price and quality. Companies unwilling to accept this have long been left behind.

The food and beverage industries have been hit hardest by the latest consumer trends. When it comes to food, consumers now care about how their favorite brands impact the environment. This has given rise to many organizations determined to monitor and oversee environmental risk management.

In the United States, there are only a few organizations with any real power and authority over food companies, and they aren’t too focused on environmental risk management. In the UK, the British Safety Council has found a unique way around not having full authority.

The British Safety Council audits different food solutions firms and rates them using a star-based rating system. The companies with the highest risk management scores get the maximum five-star rating. Later in the year, those five-star companies are honored at an annual luncheon hosted by the British Safety Council. The luncheon is a way to ensure that every company keeps environmental protection in mind.

In 2016, the OSI Food Solutions firm won the Globe of Honor Award. That luncheon was held at Drapers’ Hall in London and was hosted by the British Safety Council. Along with OSI Group, 18 other organizations won awards that night as well.

During the ceremony, several speakers had an opportunity to congratulate and commemorate OSI for its excellence in risk management. It’s during events like that when people feel overwhelmed by the attention and try to downplay their achievements.

Several speakers that night pointed out that more companies needed to be like OSI Food Solutions. The Chair of the British Safety Council encouraged people not to water down OSI’s accomplishments. That year, OSI Food Solutions displayed great care for the environment and food safety and health.