The Fruits of Your Lip Balm

Have you ever felt like your chapstick is only making your dry lips worse? After reapplying over and over again your lips still feel dry and chapped. This is because many chapsticks contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin which make your lips dry, so you instinctively reapply. The more you use a product the more likely you are to buy a replacement. Thankfully, EOS Lip balms have really changed the game for your everyday moisturizing. Not only are they completely hypoallergenic, but they contain all natural, hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This formula is the perfect mix to ensure smooth and silky lips. Good news here on


EOS lip balms come in a bunch of delicious flavors and finishes. My favorite finish is the basic organic smooth sphere. It leaves your lips hydrated without adding color or shimmer. See for more details. There are seven different delicious fruity flavors to choose from. Each flavor is a specific combination that leaves a delicious taste and smell on your lips. My two favorite flavors are the pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint. The pomegranate raspberry has a light berry flavor that doesn’t taste artificial like most chapsticks do. The sweet mint is just a tad sweet, but is extremely refreshing. The EOS lip balm line is definitely worth trying. Once you try one of their delicious and easy to apply spheres, you will never go back to your standard chapstick.


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