NewsWatch TV — How Saygus Exceeded Their Goal By $300,000

Newswatch TV has helped many companies advertise their products and achieve a tremendous growth rate. One such company is Saygus. They produce smartphones, and they wanted their ads to air on national television. Newswatch TV went all the way to Barcelona in order to film their commercials. Saygus had an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of raising one million dollars. Thanks to Newswatch TV, they not only reached that goal, but they exceeded it by three hundred thousand dollars. The Vice President of Saygus explained that it is very hard to get the right message out there, at the right time, in the right way, and to the right people, but Newswatch has been able to do just that. He further explained that the video was done in an extremely professional manner and that they got a lot of exposure all around the world. He explained that he would recommend Newswatch because they are highly professional, they listen to their needs, they listen to their customers, and they know how to connect what the company wants to say with what their audience wants to hear in a manner that increases sales.


Newswatch is a television show that produces content for consumers that focuses on entertainment and technology. They have won many awards. They also have a Youtube channel, which has received over four million views.


The television show lasts for half an hour. There have been over one thousand episodes of the show so far. Hundreds of celebrities appear on their episodes each year. It has aired over ten thousand stories relating to business, technology, finance, and much more. It has reached over seven hundred million people. It reaches ninety six million households across the nation. Newswatch TV is the ultimate way to get your message across to interested consumers.