Roseann Bennett Is Set Out To Help Individuals With Mental Issues

Addictions, depression, as well as eating disorders, are just some of the major reporting factors of mental disorder. Experts, as well as business people, have teamed up with the aim of coming up with properly researched techniques of dealing with mental disorders. When employees deal with individuals with mental health issues, there tends to be a negative spillover in the working station. Businesses have thus taken the initiative of safeguarding each of their employees by nurturing their mental health as it is a starter key to a great working relationship. Mental health awareness is one of the topics that individuals should be well vast with.


During the Mental Awareness Month, Roseann Bennett was kind enough to give people simple tips on how best they can track their wellbeing be they at their respective working stations or not. As she addresses the issue of mental health, Roseann does so from a point of authority. She has over a decade of experience as a marriage and family therapist. She has in fact been licensed to practice. Roseann alongside her husband was pleased to unleash the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010. This center is located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Roseann Bennett says that it is important for people to often talk to people about whatever it is that troubles them. These individuals could be family members, friend or even professional counselors. She says that by sharing, a problem is half solved. Ms. Bennett, however, says that professionals have an upper hand as they have better ways of helping people with their challenges. Find More Information Here.


It is to be noted that not every person can easily reach out to the professional counselors because of challenges such as financial constraints. Roseann Bennett has set out to help individuals who hail from marginalized areas. To Ms. Bennet, each of the persons who reach out to her is important. She ensures that she serves all her clients no matter their financial situation. Bennett got the urge to start her own company after serving the community for several years and noting that low-income earners did not have access to professional counseling.


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