Bernardo Chua’s Impact In The Direct Selling Industry

Bernardo Chua is a renowned executive, who is passionate about helping other people. The founder and the chief executive officer of Organo Gold has been using the direct selling business model for decades. Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience that has helped him to enable his company, Organo Gold, to operate as a going concern. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

His skill set include marketing, networking, management, strategy, leadership, business strategy, business planning, and direct sales. Chua was born in the Philippines. He speaks both fluent English and Filipino.

Previously, Chua worked for other direct selling companies where he gained much skills about network marketing. The businessman worked closely with his mentor, Leow Soon Seng. The duo partnered to found Gano Excel Philippines.

This company was a subsidiary of Gano Excel Malaysia, which is owned by Leow. Aiming to impress his mentor, Chua rapidly grew the company and expanded its operations to Hong Kong, USA, and Canada within three years. In 2003, he was appointed to serve as the President of Gano Excel USA. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

By 2008, Bernado Chua’s confidence in his personal and business skills had grown tremendously. He left Gano Excel and ventured out on his own. This move saw him found Organo Gold. Using his aggressive marketing and management skills, the entrepreneur embarked on making the company one of the leading direct selling companies in the world.

Through his visionary leadership, the company has expanded its operations into over 35 countries across all the six continents. According to his approach, Chua creates a subsidiary of Organo Gold in every country that he establishes his business.

For instance, Organo Gold Singapore is one of the newest subsidiaries to be opened in Singapore. Notably, each of these subsidiaries receives their products from the company’s headquarters.

One of them is the Dangal ng Bayard Award for Business and Industry. In addition, his company is highly ranked in the competitive multi-level industry.

In 2013, Direct Selling News Top 100 ranked the company as the 55th largest network marketing company globally.