Norman Pattiz Teams Up With Edison Research To Show Effectiveness Of Ads On Listeners

Norman Pattiz, the founder of PodcastOne recently tied up with Edison Research to test out the effectiveness of the ads that were being aired on the numerous channels under the name of PodcastOne. The research was done using five major brands, which are known to have a high recall rate on other advertisement sources already. The study was done by analyzing the listeners, not just after the ads were aired on the channels, but also before.

The main aim was to understand the consumer trends and the audiences that listen to the shows on PodcastOne. By doing this, Norman Pattiz has given advertisers and marketeers scientific proof that the advertisements aired through this medium work as intended. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Fundacity

There were numerous findings from the study that was conducted by Edison Research. Almost sixty percent of the .listeners responded well to the advertisements that were aired for a famous grocery store.

Before the advertisement, a mere seven percent of listeners even knew the existence of this brand. However, when it came to advertisements that involved automobiles, the brand recall was far less, with fewer participants of the study responding well to the ads that were aired.

Awareness campaigns were one type of adverts that had an extremely high rate of recall. These advertisements had increased from sixty percent before the ad was aired to about seventy-six percent after.

When conducting this research, Edison Research conducted three rounds in 2016 so accurately set in stone the market analysis that they had done. By doing this research and publishing the results, Norman Pattiz has managed to attract other brands from similar categories who want to showcase their products in between the shows on the channels of PodcastOne. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The brands that were used to conduct that analysis were already a good mix, ranging from those which were fairly well known in the consumer market, to those that were relatively obscure and new.

Some of the brands that were more well known either were using their old slogans or taglines, while some were using entirely new ones. This diverse pool of advertisements allowed Edison Research to perform a more detailed analysis to have a good outcome of results that were in accordance to what Norman wanted.

When Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, he wanted to make it as close to the radio as possible. However, with very few podcast networks being advertisement driven, not many brands tend to advertise on this.

With the results from the research, Norman Pattiz hopes to change the perception of advertisers to get them to invest into the podcast network.