How End Citizens United is Different from Other Groups

When other groups work to help people, they do so on the side of one political party or the other. End Citizens United is not like that. In fact, they do not have any political affiliation. Instead, they work to help those who are in need and those who they want to provide positive experiences to. They believe they can give more people a chance for success and that’s a big part of the way they do business. As long as End Citizens United knows what they want to do, they can help more people with the issues they face. It’s their goal of giving that makes things better for them and makes it easier for them to try and help people. Even though they’ve come up with a lot of different ideas, End Citizens United knows they have to help other people with these issues. Read more about End Citizens United at Wikipedia.

The organization spends time coming up with new initiatives they can use that will help them fight against the corruption of Citizens United. It’s their goal of creating positive influences that helps End Citizens United realize they can do more with the industry options they have. It is how they do things that will help them through their own issues. Citizens get a chance to see positive things and they realize they’re doing things the right way based on the hard work they have put into the business. The organization likes helping citizens and giving them a chance to do more with their voting and money.

When corporations have the chance to donate as much money as they want to the politicians they support, there’s something wrong with that. End Citizens United knew this and that’s why they started their organization. They felt they had to make things easier for people who were a big part of the country. The citizens are the most important part of a democracy but things like citizens united make it hard for them to get the options they need. Instead, they have to fight back against corruption in politics to make sure their voices are heard the right way.



End Citizens United Takes Large Strides in 2017

Capitol Hill has been taken over by not only special interests and dark money, but also by politicians who seem to be okay with it. When dark money came into politics back in 2010, during the controversial Citizens United decision with the Supreme Court, people weren’t quite aware of the dramatic changes that were about to unfold. Now, seven years later, we have a President Trump who campaigned on operating within the now-legal grey area emboldened by that ruling. Fortunately for us, even in these darker times, groups like End Citizens United are out there working hard to bring some semblance of equality back to Washington D.C.


The controversial Supreme Court decision revolved around the conservative group, Citizens United. End Citizens United, founded by President of the PAC Tiffany Muller, is focused on making their own name a reality: ending Citizens United. Muller knows that there is a long and tough road ahead but that they can’t relax even for a minute if change is going to come back to the government in order to give a voice back to the American people. When dark money is influencing United States politicians more than the votes of constituents, then you know that there is a real problem taking place.


In order to make effective change at the highest levels of government End Citizens United is going to need the financing to fund politicians who support the cause. Through the first three months of 2017 the team at End Citizens United saw a surplus in fundraising that they never would have anticipated, even in their most optimistic moments. The first quarter of fundraising would see End Citizens United raise a stunning $4 million from nearly 100,000 donors. Donations averaged around $12 per person and nearly 40% of the contributions came from first time donors. All of these numbers bode well for a movement that is ready to grow.


End Citizens United is a grassroots organization that is trying to unite constituents together to make real change in D.C. but they can only go so far without some top level help. In order to get to a point to bring legislative change to the United States government, End Citizens United has to have help from some of the top legislators in the country. That is why End Citizens United is meticulous in who they choose to back in elections. End Citizens United recently announced their endorsement of New Mexico’s Senator Heinrich.


Senator Heinrich has long been a vocal activist for ending Citizens United and PAC President Muller seemed to be ecstatic to get him on board. Senator Heinrich says, “Our democracy should never be for sale and I’m honored to have the support of End Citizens United.”