Credentials Of Samuel Strauch

Many people are realizing the expertise that Samuel Strauch can bring to the table. He is a real estate expert and a leader in several important ways. Samuel Strauch is a principle of Metrik Real Estate, which is a respected company in its own right.

Expect his influence to expand over the course of the next few years. He has expertise when it comes to real estate in the Miami area. His firm can buy, sell or lease real estate in Miami. The city has grown to exponential proportions over time.

Samuel Strauch completed his undergraduate degree while at Hofstra University in New York. His major was in business and he enjoyed a diverse education while at the school. He continued his education at Harvard University and received distinction over time. That has prepared him for some of the challenges of the real estate market. Samuel Strauch is also a former banker with some extensive financial experience for himself. That gives him close ties with those in the financial industry. He knows a lot about both the real estate market and the financial influence that it holds.

Samuel Strauch has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida for 14 years. He has been working in South Florida to accomplish his own goals. The real estate agent has an extensive network of clients who are his own partners. Samuel Strauch expects to be a success in the future as well. That has helped him lead the way in a number of ways.

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Omar Boraie’s Success In The Real Estate Industry

Omar is the proprietor of a successful real estate company, Boraie Development. Over the years, this corporation has been providing clients with diverse services, including property management, sales and marketing, and development of real estate. According to NJBiz, under the transformative leadership of Omar, the company has managed to recruit talented and qualified personnel who are dedicated to developing spectacular properties and providing clients with different solutions.

Omar has been working closely with leading financial institutions, qualified architects and visionary contractors given that they are aware of the need to complete projects within the set deadlines. Under its real estate development pillar, Boraie Development is committed to using its own capital and source for funding from leading commercial banks. To this end, the corporation has been able to undertake many high-end projects. Omar Boraie posits that their projects have been attracting financial partners, tenants and residents to the region, thus enhancing its economy.

The major function of its property management pillar is to create additional value for the company’s assets over time. Omar zeroes in on maintaining Boraie Development’s properties by undertaking physical improvements frequently. The corporation has a successful sales and marketing department. The sales team has played a crucial role in selling over $150 million in commercial and residential properties.  This way, the company has managed to provide clients with affordable properties.

Omar seeks to develop diverse properties, including retail, mixed use, student housing, hotel assets and residential. The company partners with different professionals and institutions with the objective of searching for scalable real estate deals and projects in the market. Omar has succeeded in the market owing to his focus on urban development with the objective of addressing the growing demands of diverse urban centers and neighborhoods. The corporation has developed remarkable properties, including One Spring Street, The Beach at South Inlet, as well as The Estates at Waverly Place, The Aspire and Albany Street Plaza.

The Egyptian-born entrepreneur is credited for transforming New Brunswick. The chemistry scholar’s dream of rebuilding the city started over 30 years ago. Back then, people were afraid to walk on the streets at night. He started by purchasing 21 dilapidated buildings considering that no one had interest in building or investing in the city. When he went to the city to highlight his plan, people thought that his idea could not be realized. Soon, he proved them wrong. He developed a property that started attracting people to New Brunswick. Omar introduced his children to the business at their tender ages. To this end, the three serve as the vice presidents of the corporation. Each of them has played a part in enhancing the company’s success.

Recently, he helped Rutgers Cancer Institute to undertake their groundbreaking research on precision medicine. The institution established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Through this program, Omar donated $1.5 million to the 18-chair challenge campaign. In this challenge, an anonymous donor would match each of the chair’s $1.5 million pledge, resulting in an endowment of $3 million for each chair. For more details you can visit