Nationwide Title Clearing Breaking New Ground In The Real Estate Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is the preeminent document processing, audit and research provider in the nation. Established in 1991, the private equity firm has since grown to become the preferred service provider for mortgage lending and servicing institutions and investors around the world.


The firm recently relocated its headquarters from California to Palm Harbor, Florida, operating a five-building complex in Pinellas County. It also has offices in five states with more than 500 employees.


National Title Cleaning (NTC) offers a wide range of services, including research assistance, retrieval, and processing of documents. Documentation services such as the release and assignment of liens; auditing of collateral files and remediation services; as well as document assignment and verification, current owner verification, reporting current tax status, and verification of liens.


Its workers are trained well and are able to adequately handle all the document specifications within each of the 3600 districts in the country.


National Title Cleaning is mainly concerned with ensuring none of the players in the real estate industry are affected by any problems caused by any discrepancies in titles. Such discrepancies are caused when an individual or legal body claims a property or asset that belongs to someone else.


Other scenarios in which title defects can occur is through the improper wording of property documents when one fails to go follow the right procedure when filing property documents, or even when encumbrances on the property have not been dealt with. These defects can cause major problems, from delaying the transfer of property or assets from one owner to another to illegal foreclosure.


The firm has recently made some strides in simplifying the process of accessing title reports for property and other assets. They have recently launched an improved website that allows its subscribers to order and even access online any documentation dealing with the transfer of a particular property or asset.


Further, The Tampa Bay Times recognized National Title Cleaning as one of the Top 100 Workplaces in 2016 for the fifth year running. This list is compiled based on the result of an anonymous survey of company employees conducted by top research agency, Workplace Dynamics. John Hillman, NTC’s CEO, credits the company’s innovation, progressive workplace policies, and a strong focus on community service and outreach for this continuous honor.


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