Voting Rights Are Key to the Work of George Soros

George Soros has always understood the problems facing the people of the world when they are facing oppression and the issue of a loss of basic human rights because of his own difficult childhood spent in his home nation of Hungary. Throughout the 21st century, George Soros has made sure he has made sure to provide a range of backing for groups dedicated to protecting the voting rights of people across the planet, which includes the U.S. where a number of Super PAC’s and support groups have sought to protect the rights of minority groups, such as African American communities and Latino’s who are often targeted by restrictive voting laws across the U.S., according to Politico.

Voting rights remain important to George Soros as he has lived under the threat of the most severe punishments for nothing more that the religion of the Soros family. During World War II the Soros family were forced into hiding as an invading Nazi force occupied the country and murdered some 500,000 members of the Jewish community; the Soros family were Jewish, but remained hidden as George’s father had obtained forged papers showing his family to be Christian’s and sent George to live with a nearby Christian family. The loss of his own human rights and the subsequent arrival of Communism in the years following World War II led to George Soros himself embarking on a refugee journey of his own that would take him across Europe to London where he paid for his own studies as a waiter and porter. Throughout his life George Soros has fought to assist people in Eastern Europe and made sure refugees and displaced people have their own rights protected; Soros recently missed the 2016 Democratic National Convention that would have been his first as an attendee to stay up to date on the latest developments in the European refugee crisis. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Voting rights are part of the most important areas George Soros has been working on in the recent years, particularly as he feels the under representation of minority groups in many areas of local, state, and national government agencies is having a detrimental effect on the lives of millions of U.S. citizens. During the 2016 election cycle George Soros returned to political giving in a major way and placed the voting rights of millions of U.S. citizens from minority groups at the heart of his own political agenda; around $5 million was pledged by Soros to the Immigrant Voters Win group that has dedicated itself to pushing forward the rights of Hispanic voters across the nation.

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