Lime Crime continues to Grow Under New Management

Lime crime, a makeup company that rose to fame for its top of the line vegan and cruelty free products has taken the online shopping world by storm since its digital start in 2008. The makeup line is known for it’s colorful products designed to bring out the creativity and whimsy of those who desire to break societies beauty norms. In June of 2018, Tengram Capital Partners announced its acquirement of the beauty brand. Tengram is an equity firm that takes leading companies and helps to rescrutcture in order to promote economic growth. The brands co-founder, Doe Deere, will be stepping down from her day to day duties with the company and instead will be working with the Board of Directors, where she can continue providing creative and fun new ideas for consumers.

With vegan products like their famous velvetines to their unicorn hair dyes, Lime Crime has become a hit with the millennial audiences. Their message of being bold and unique resonates with many women, especially those of a younger crowd. Even their packaging reflects their whimsy with sparkling pastel and unique unicorn imagery. Lime crime is a company that has left a footprint on its consumers, giving them the tools to empower themselves and continue to challenge the current standards of beauty.

By using the help of the companies new ownership, their hopes are to continue expanding the original lime crime website as well as continuing to grow their presence in brick and mortar stores like Ulta Beauty. Stacy Panagakis, former General Manager of Fresh, will be joining the Lime Crime team as Chief Executive Officer. With Tengrams’ proven ability to help companies grow, Lime Crimes’ strong values and cult following, and Tengrams’ experience the Lime Crime will continue to help its colorful unicorn tribe of costumers shine.