Logan Stout The Health Entrepreneur

Logan Stout is one man that cannot be put in a box in terms of what he does. He grew up in Richardson, Texas where he attended high school. Among many other things, he is a business founder, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and a philanthropist. He admits that his enthusiasm to always make it in life started at a very early age when he joined the J.J. Pearce High School. He was engaged in playing his two favorite sports; basketball and baseball. He was always overdoing himself in order to succeed.

His efforts did pay off as not only was he a star student, but also was the school’s MVP in basketball. Logan Stout, however, chose to be a professional baseball player instead of basketball. His career in baseball was quite successful as he participated in 17 World Series baseball events. He had also grown to be a successful baseball coach. Alongside his sporting career, Logan Stout also pursued his education. He attended Panola University where he graduated with a degree in business. He also attended the University of Dallas and has a degree in psychology. He has coached the Dallas Baptist University baseball team and also played for the Fort Worth Cats.


ID Life is a health and fitness company that was launched in 2014. The company is Logan Stout’s brainchild and he is currently its CEO. The company’s headquarters are located in Frisco, Texas. The company uses a simple questionnaire to capture the details of their clients and offer the suitable option. Considering the young age of ID Life, it is very successful with a yearly revenue of around $2-$5 million.

ID Life has also partnered with Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman and numerous other fitness ambassadors to push its brand. Some of the product ID Life offers are shakes, weight management pills, energy supplements, and sleep strips. Their products are tailored to meet an individual’s goals.

Learn more about Logan Stout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f390VsXVlOc

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