Mike Heiligenstein And The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Are Making A Big Difference In Austin

The congestion of traffic in Austin, Texas is a situation being addressed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. They believe the solution to the problem is the use of current technology. They have solved congestion issues in the past by building new roads, toll roads, increasing the capacity of roads, and making improvements to non-toll lanes. The agency was established by the individuals of Williamson and Travis counties to help solve traffic conditions.

Innovation is at the heart of the Mobility Authority. They are using technology in the management of the flow of traffic. Eliminating traffic entirely is not an option but they have made progress that help people commute every day. The toll roads stabilize the traffic flow and the Express Lanes are often flowing freely even while the other lanes are congested during rush hour traffic.

Smart roads are a part of the future and vehicles will be able to talk to the road. Once this technology has been implemented the possibilities are nearly endless. The Mobility Authority uses different applications to give commuters routes in real time encourage carpooling. The number of drivers in Austin currently driving alone leave 900,000 car seats empty every day. Carpooling will go a long way in easing road congestion.

Other options including riding bicycles or walking when possible. There are dedicated paths easily accessible for individuals who are interested. Vehicles breaking down cause congestion that can be overcome by clearing these vehicles off the road faster. Most of these breakdowns are considered minor.

Mike Heiligenstein works for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the Executive Director. He has been instrumental in overseeing the organizations growth since 2003 when they were a small startup agency. The Mobility Authority is now one of the national leaders in operating toll roads. During his time with the company, Mr. Heiligenstein has witnessed the cutting edge technologies of electronic tolling and video billing.

Mike Heiligenstein has been a public official for more than three decades. He has been a Council Member for Round Rock City and a Commissioner for Williamson County with his focus on infrastructure projects. Mike Heiligenstein has been involved in transportation projects, developing the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, and parkland acquisitions. He served as a chair for the Clean Air Force regarding an initiative for clean air in Central Texas and was involved in the beginning phases with the National Association of Counties concerning the Air and Water quality subcommittees.

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