Mrs. Betsy DeVos Succeeds at Championing for Education Reform

Our currently education system in America is broken. Children are ushered into schools that oftentimes lack positive results, and parents are left helpless to choose for them. If a child is placed in a school system that is harmful to their education, what good could possibly come from this? Fortunately, we have individuals such as Betsy DeVos who champions against this system that is beyond repair. She is an individual I believe that can make a difference, and her philanthropy work has proven that she is more than capable of helping those in need.

Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to working tirelessly to help the youth that are underprivileged. She has spent 35 years working in politics, most notably being elected chairman in the Republican National Committee from 1992-1998. Betsy has worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation purely focuses on giving back to the most sacred of American values: the family, and most importantly the youth. This foundation focuses on instilling leadership in the youth, positively impacting the community, assisting with education, teaching the youth about justice and promoting the arts. The foundation has been wildly successful since inception, and hallmarks Mrs. DeVos Philanthropic career. Read more about their foundation at

Mrs. DeVos diverse background doesn’t stop there. Her drive to success is astounding, and she utilized her entrepreneurial skills, alongside Mr. DeVos, to create the Windquest Group. This organization invests in companies that create services, provide solutions and various products that positively impact the world. With a diverse background and a will to succeed, Betsy DeVos is not one to quit before achieving their goals. Her organizations have created a multitude of opportunities for the youth, and she continues to champion for them and ensures that their voices are heard.

Philanthropy can be considered one of the most rewarding types of work. Giving oneself to ensure that others can receive benefit is an astounding ordeal, and I believe Mrs. Betsy DeVos has done a phenomenal job throughout her career. Her work history, as well as her personal resolve, is second to none. Dedicating one’s life to creating positive changes for individuals who cannot is the highest aspiration in this life, and I admire her for her selfless passion to help others. With one step at a time, I believe the education system can be fixed here in America. I have no doubt of this, knowing that Betsy DeVos is the one leading the charge for a better tomorrow here at home.

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