Rocketship Education-Building Excellence One Child At A Time

Every parent who dreams big for their child wants to make sure they get the best educational opportunities they can afford. Unfortunately, there are many people today who cannot afford to send their child to the kind of private school they would hope to afford for their child. While it is generally considered that only private schools can offer the best education for a child, there is a new and emerging type of education that allows people even with lower incomes the opportunity to give their child the best education. This highly advanced and personalized education is accomplished through highly successful Charter Schools.

Charter School education affords parents a unique opportunity to get quality education for their child without the costly expenses of a private school. Most Charter Schools today offer students more one on one attention, smaller classroom sizes and better skill building techniques. However, even in the world of Charter School Education there are schools that rise above the standards to reach a higher level of excellence. That is the case with Rocketship Education.

Founded in 2006 in California, Rocketship Education now serves nearly 7,000 students in California, Nashville and the D.C. areas with a goal of expanding its platform. They have been highly successful at reaching children in low income areas and bringing them a more personalized education that has allowed them to excel.

The core of the mission of Rocketship, is to help children believe in their abilities and help them to grow through a set of innovative principles. These principles focus on building each child’s individual learning skills. The school’s success has been brought about by helping each child achieve through skill building. The schools also encourage strong parental participation as a mainstay of their school ideology of success.

The success of Rocketship’s Education is evident as their students have tested as being some of the highest performers among their peers in each area they operate. Since their focus has been on children that are living at or below the poverty line, these results are quite impressive. Students at Rocketship also have had expanded exposure to online learning platforms that they have excelled in. This too will go a long way in preparing them for their future.