Sussex Healthcare Providing Care To Elderly Over 25 Years

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is located in Southern England. The organization has been providing health care to the elderly for 25 years. The high quality care provided to the elderly clients is due to the standards that were set by the co-chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Those two bring very diverse skills to the organization that actually combine to make a winning team. For example, Boghani has a business background, while Sachedina has a medical background. Today, Sussex Healthcare operates 20 facilities that are located across the area.

Sussex Healthcare Specialization
It’s amazing that the organization recently celebrated, providing 25 years of quality care to their elderly clients. Certainly, there are a number of healthcare organizations around. However, few have a long track record like Sussex. The organization specifically provides quality care to the elderly that are suffering with dementia, Alzheimer, and younger adults that suffer with mental or physical disabilities. The organization has a highly qualified, skilled, and trained staff that provides the type of care that is critically needed by the clients in the care homes.

Sussex Healthcare Unique Philosophy
Certainly, many of the healthcare organizations provide only the basic care for their clients. However, Sussex is an organization that strongly believes in providing the people in their care with social, recreational, and leisure activities. Sussex believes that this simple philosophy helps to provide their clients with a much better quality of care and lifestyle. This along with planning nutritious meals helps to create a well rounded lifestyle for their clients.

Great Leadership At Sussex
Great leadership leads to a stronger foundation for any healthcare organization. Certainly, Sussex Healthcare has the best in leadership. For example, Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur who worked with the hotel industry before joining Sussex. Shafik Sachedina is in the medical field and started his career as a dental surgeon. Their combined knowledge provides great leadership for the organization. It is also important to note that Amanda Morgan-Taylor recently joined the organization as CEO. She brings along a long work history in the medical field and great knowledge about running a healthcare organization effectively.

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