The Public Giving Of Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos was born and raised in 1958 in Holland Michigan. She is the daughter of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince who owned Prince Corporation a supplier of automobile parts. She attended a Christian Primary School and then advanced on to attend Calvary College where she earned a degree in Economics. One of her college passions was politics which she has maintained a significant interest in since that time. She has been the chairperson for the Windquest Group, which she and her husband founded in 1989 along with their personal family foundation. The Windquest Group invests in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy alternative solutions.


Betsy and her husband have been deeply involved in philanthropic work together. Starting in 1989, the couple created the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It is listed on Forbes List as one of the top philanthropic foundations in the country. The foundation has donated a total of $139 million dollars to charity so far with no signs of reduction in their levels of charitable giving.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was established to have a focus on giving to programs in need in five key areas. The primary recipients of the funding are: education, community, arts, justice, and leadership enhancement. Their foundation has already donated millions of dollars to: health research facilities, hospitals, art organizations, Christian schools, global evangelical missions, and conservative political think tanks. It is notable that both Betsy and her husband give a considerable amount of their foundations gifts to faith based initiatives and organizations. In fact, $100 million of the foundations donated funds given out between 1999 to 2014 were given to Christian organizations.


Recipients of the foundation charitable gifts include educational-focused donations both public and private. The foundation has given at least $8.6 million to Christian schools and $5.2 million to charter schools, Notable donations also include the arts. One of the most sizable was a $22 million-dollar donation to The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Her connection to the center is significant. In 2004 Mrs. DeVos was appointed under President George W. Bush to the Board of Directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


In addition to charitable work, Betsy Devos has also been very involved with her husband on Republican political campaigns. In 2004, she raised more than $150,000 for the 2004 George W. Bush re-election campaign. In 2008, she hosted a Republican fundraiser at her home in which President George W. Bush was the primary guest. In addition, she worked for two years during the Bush Administration as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She also worked closely with the Bush Administration on other advancements of his agenda. Her husband and his family have also been active in Republican politics for decades. In total, the Devos family has donated over $17 million dollars to the Republican party and some of its more prominent candidates.


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